Interesting Facts About ‘Crackle’ By Sony

Sony CrackleCrackle is the on-demand streaming TV service, mainly produced by the entertainment industry giant Sony. This is having the content mix which includes TV series, movies, and some of the original programming. There is a good selection of entertainment on this service. Crackle is a free streaming service that offers on-demand movies and TV series. Crackle is mainly free in the United States and Australia, but this is actually offered as the subscription service in the Latin American and Caribbean countries. Some of the facts about Sony Crackle have been discussed in this article.

Features to know about Sony Crackle

  1. Crackle’s playback screen has got a decent look and has all the standard controls.
  2. Here one can get a 10-second rewind and has the fast-forward buttons, in addition to the ability to customize the closed captions directly from the player.
  3. Based on the quality of streams the resolution is perfect at 720p.
  4. Sony Crackle is mainly accessible on a variety of tablets, streaming devices, televisions, phones, and computers.  In the case of a smart TV, it is possible that crackle will come preloaded as an app.
  5. Crackle is mainly available on many of the different devices on the market, including:
    • Amazon Fire TV + Fire TV Stick
    • Android TV
    • Apple TV
    • Google Chromecast
    • PlayStation 4
    • Roku
    • Xbox One
  6. If someone is looking to watch Crackle’s content from the phone or tablet, Sony has the app, which is available on the Google Play Store mainly for Android devices and on the Apple App Store for the iOS devices.

Advantages of the Sony Crackle

  1. Crackle does have original programs.
  2. They do not overload the viewers with many advertisements. However, they show 8 mins of ads every hour.
  3. It is entirely a free app.
  4. They do have a decent user experience.
  5. They do not have many TV shows, but whatever they have are quality ones.

Crackle provides users with an amazing experience. The web app of this platform makes it easy to discover the new content, enabling the viewers to search for more movies and shows by the genre or via the alphabetical list. Users also can utilize the Crackle’s search bar, which suggests some similar films or shows when it does not have a particular choice in its library.

Disadvantages of the Sony Crackle

  1. They have a limited library as compared to some other free streaming services.
  2. They mainly lack HD content.

Sony Crackle is mainly legal and safe to use for watching movies and TV platforms. Crackle is an excellent 123Movies alternative. This is because apart from being legal and safe, this platform is absolutely free. Also, the streaming service has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows for your entertainment. 123Movies was declared as the most illegal movie site in the world by the Motion Picture Association of America.

The movie collection of this platform is worth trying out.

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