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123movies has always been a destination for many people searching for ways to watch movies online for free. So we decided to come up with our new 123movies website featuring an advanced search engine that allows you to search and get links to watch your favorite movies online for free from legal sources.

123movies is a unique, one of a kind streaming service. As you will be seeing from the list below, there are many services allowing you to watch movies for free. If you were asked to take the best features of all of them and put them into one service, you will get 123movies. 123movies was there before most of these services began, and it is here to stay.

This website not only allows streaming of movies, but it also allows streaming of series, making it a unique service. The best thing about 123movies is that you don’t have to make an account to watch a movie. Just pick the movie you came for, and start watching. The movies are all available in High Quality. 123movies isn’t a place where you will see web-rip or camera-print versions of movies. You’ll get movies in high definition as well as 4K quality.

You can easily load subtitles into the movie you are watching to help you understand everything you are watching and listening at 123movies. Furthermore, 123movies has many different genres for you to choose from such as Horror, Romance, Action, Crime/Thrillers, and Science Fiction. 123movies probably has the biggest database of movies amongst all sites in this list below and that is why it is also our very favorite. Top paid services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ provide similar content, but it costs more compared to the free options that we listed below.


123movies Alternatives – To Watch Movies Free (Legally)


It’s a sleepover night with your friends and you are not sure what to do. You decide to crash in your cozy bed and watch the new Avengers movie that’s rocking the cinemas around the globe. But imagine the anticlimax when you search for the movie and 100’s of fishy illegal websites show up, each of which has so many pseudo-download buttons and extremely inappropriate pop-up ads, to say the least. On top of that, even if you somehow succeed in finding the right link – it’s either a short version of the movie or in quality so bad you strain your eyes trying to see what’s going on. Rings a bell? We can relate.

Leave it to us to fix the ever-haunting dilemma, because we have compiled a list of 15 super cool sites where you can watch movies without feeling like a lawbreaker. Make sure you bookmark them so you can enjoy your favorite movie whenever you want. The list will slowly sift through the many different websites available and then converge to our pick, 123movies. Just read till the end and you’ll find out what’s so special about 123movies.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi tv is an online movie streaming service, with a broad library of movies you can stream from your IOS, Android, smart TVs, or web for free. The only drawbacks are the displeasing ads while streaming. Fortunately, they’re pretty innocuous and brief. Surprisingly, it still hasn’t reached its deserved status like Netflix and Hulu.

Tubi TV provides you with more than 20,000 movies. It was able to gather such a huge amount of content by partnering with several providers such as Lionsgate, Hollywood heavyweights paramount, and MGM. As far as the featured movies are concerned, it’s a little of an unexpected assortment. However, on the film front, you won’t locate the best in class hits. It has some great reviews, which give Tubi TV the credit for its user-friendly interface and many users anticipated its immense popularity in the coming years.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackles allows its users to watch a great collection of movies, TV shows, and programs. The good part is that you can watch newly-released movies which are not available on other websites. With its smart suggestions, this Sony-owned website makes it easier for you to choose what to watch (based on your watch history and genre preferences). This website surpasses its competitors in the variety and amount of content.

One of the things that usually put off the users are occasional ads that come out of nowhere during the streaming. But that’s a compromise most users are almost already prepared to make while watching movies for free.



Vudu is currently a rental web for movies but it also allows its users to stream movies online for free. You can enjoy your favorite movies in HD, with the only drawback being the ads running in-between.

But we believe the ads are tolerable as long as users are provided with good quality. All you need to do is register to the website, and you’re ready to go. It gives access to a broad catalog which includes movies of every genre I.e. horror, thriller, suspense, sci-fiction, romance, drama, or action. What we like about Vudu is the quick availability of famous movies.

IMDb Freedive


This website is comparatively new and advanced than the other movie streaming sites mentioned in this list. IMDb Freedive is free of cost to Fire TV owners in the U.S, as it is owned by Amazon. Those residing outside the U.S can use a VPN service to access the site. This platform’s range of free movies and shows is pretty good and much of it can’t be found on other free and legal sites that let you watch movies online. 

You can enjoy popular movies such as Midnight in Paris, The Illusionist, Memento, Born This Way, Quantum Leap, Legally Blonde, and more.


Movies Found Online

There are several public domain movies hosted on MoviesFoundOnline. It doesn’t feature movies itself but the content is carefully cataloged to avoid any violation copyright, making it one of the best legal sites to stream movies on the list. You can relish movies from the 2010s or other famous movies and blockbusters.

Users can easily watch movies over the genre, top rating, or recently added as the interface is user friendly.



Running a simple motto: “Movies. TV. Free.” Popcornflix is a free video streaming website with probably the cleanest User Interface you’ll ever experience (yes, even better than Netflix). Although the quality is not as good as what you can get on Netflix or Hulu, it’s undeniably not too bad either. If you’re a fan of comedy, horror, and documentaries, this website is your friend. Popcornflix is free, but that comes at the price of, of course, the ads that interrupt your streaming every 15 minutes or so. But the ad breaks are shorter than that of Tubi TV or Crackle.

All in all, it gives a close competition to other streaming services in this list but you may have to compromise on the quality and experience.



Hotstar is an online movie streaming platform that provides you with over 100,000 movies and shows. Exceptionally advanced video streaming quality and high regard for the nature of experience across gadgets and stages, is what makes Hotstar a tough, and often favored opponent to its competitors.

Content search on Hotstar has been enhanced to make it user friendly and reduce the hassle in getting to your desired content. This is something that you’ll also see in our favorite, 123movies, but more about that later.. This website offers movies across 9 languages thus establishing a relationship with the audience on a personal level. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple Appstore for mobile phones and tablets and can also be accessed through the web.



Yidio is a one-of-a-kind website to offer free video streaming because, on top of providing its content, it also suggests other websites to watch free films and shows on the internet.

The downside is that since Yidio collects videos from other sources, not all the shows and movies on the website are free to watch—some require a one-time payment and others demand a monthly or yearly service subscription.

Luckily for us, though, you can always go to the Free section of the site that only features the free movies. It has an exceptional range of genres including Romance, Classics, Horror, Animation, Documentary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Western, Action, Adventure, and Drama, among several others. To conclude, it’s an amazing platform to bring hundreds and movies and shows in one place!



Featuring over 30,000 hit movies, binge-worthy shows, and thrilling documentaries, Kanopy is an award-winning video streaming website that lets you stream for free – by using your library card. Another great catch is that it’s an ad-free website and has a very friendly UI that lets you watch difficult-to-find movies and shows. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it makes Netflix and Hulu look dull in comparison. This subscription service website has several mind-boggling documentaries that are well directed. It has movies for men, women, and of course, children! It’s free so that’s a win-win.



A couple of months ago Youtube dispatched its free streaming website where you can watch several popular movies including Endgame, Zookeeper or Star wars, etc. For users who are not willing to pay for premium services of Netflix or Hulu can stream more than 100 full-length movies for free. Even though Youtube offers limited content, it has plans to make its shows and movies free in 2020 but this offer is only available to people residing in the USA, for those living outside of the USA can look for different alternatives from this list. Unlike 123movies, YouTube isn’t primarily for movies so most youtubers aren’t on YouTube for movies.



Just like YouTube, Vimeo is a video platform for artists, advertisers, vloggers, and creatives. If you’re one of the people who prefer high-quality content over whatever happens to be trending, then Vimeo is your top bet! Quite similar to YouTube, the primary purpose of Vimeo isn’t movies, so you won’t find as many full-length mainstream movies here as some other websites like 123movies, for example. You’ll probably find the movies from the early 2000s here, maybe even in a reasonable quality but there’s a high chance you won’t find new hits here.

Videos are arranged across several categories including Drama, Comedy, Science, Food, Music, Narrative, and Travel. Each one of these categories is subdivided even further into more divisions. For instance, if you select the Science section, you can choose individual subjects or even Time Travel! – our favorite.



Hulu is the main premium streaming service offering live and on-request TV and motion pictures, with and without ads, which can be used anywhere at any time.

Users can pay an affordable amount for a monthly or annual subscription and can get access to a broad library which includes a variety of latest hit movies and blockbusters. You can binge-watch by enabling autoplay. The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, CBS Corporation, The CW, Turner Networks, A+E Networks, and Discovery Networks – are all within easy reach. A single account can be used by up to 6 people! Sounds noteworthy.

Pluto TV

If you’re one of those people that take forever to decide what to watch, Pluto TV the right place for you. Pluto TV is a movie streaming site but it works just like a traditional TV. Here you can watch movies of various genres online on 75 + TV channels. Simply pick a channel, and watch any live streaming video. But this is also a downside in itself since you will also sometimes miss your favorite movies. Other than movies you can also watch a new TV series, news, and sports on Pluto TV. Another notable aspect is that certain networks are only available in the US. Thus, based on your region, your TV channel choices may be limited.


What sets SnagFilms apart from many of its competitors in the free on-demand streaming TV world is its unique good-will content. Advertising around 2,000 movies, documentaries and TV shows, this free video streaming service is majorly inspired by a philanthropic philosophy called Filmanthropy.

Filmanthropy is just its founder Ted Leonsis’ fancy word for the fact that the content featured on the platform intends to call communities into action for social campaigns that target the greater good. Long story short, it has a pretty rich content which gives several options to its users in terms of genres. As the website is free, it’s no surprise that it also runs ads during the movies. Luckily though, they are not that frequent and usually very short.

Yahoo View

Yahoo has an on-demand video website called Yahoo Screen, which principally serves unremarkable original web series arrangement. Most notably, Yahoo View offers a lot of popular anime and international movies that are available in subbed versions. While there’s nothing amiss with the video quality itself, there’s one gigantic downside that we were unable to discover a path around: you can’t adjust it. A streaming service is only considered if its content is pleasing thus below are some shows worth watching which are available on Yahoo View.

And that’s all, Folks!

So now you know what to do to keep yourself and your friends entertained. We recommend you to quickly check out all these services before settling for one. Hope we were helpful and didn’t waste 10 minutes of your precious time!

Now, go grab those fresh-out-of-the-oven popcorns and watch your favorite movie from any of these websites!